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Ultimate Home Staging Guide for Beginners

Ultimate Home Staging Guide for Beginners

Before you begin your home staging project make sure to set aside time and get your family’s agreement and set expectations with what will happen, how it will go, how long it will take and what sort of help you would need from each one of them. Better yet, list the activities and ask them where they can help you.



It’s time to face your worst nemesis. Make sure you have enough time set aside for de-cluttering your home. Create boxes labeled with LET GO and KEEP. Set aside one for NOT SURE. Get all the stuff in your home that haven’t been used. You can set up a garage sale or donate the stuff to a local charity that picks up items. Either way is a win-win. All other stuff in your NOT SURE box can go to a storage unit like Erica of DesigningVibes.com did. Remember not to keep it somewhere “you thought they wouldn’t check.” Each home buyer has their own quirks and you will never know what they might ask to see.


You are not yet done. Next stop is cleaning up your home. You can hire a house cleaning service to clean up your home or you can go at it with your team. Ensure this can fit in your schedule. If you will opt for a professional service, make sure to check their packages and reviews. There are several types of cleaning that you can check out at Blogger’s Heaven Blog.


Setting up your front yard

Your front-yard does not start at your lawn. It starts with the walk heading towards your home from the sidewalk or street. Check your house number to see if it needs repainting and if that hedge in the corner needs trim. Always repaint where necessary. If your lawn looks patchy, then you can check out what Scott does to fix the problem. You can either replant and regrow or be creative with a Zen Garden. Also, get rid of the garden gnomes!

For your driveway or pathway, start off by using a power-cleaner which you can rent in your area. Power cleaners leave your driveways or walkways good as new. If there are any cracks, use sealants to fix them. The goal is to get rid of the wear-and-tear look.

If you listed your home as available for visits after office hours then make sure to install outdoor lights. You can get some for below $40 at Ebay or Amazon. Make sure your front yard is well lighted and has that relaxing feel. Lay out a welcoming mat at your front-door. Put some greens near your door. Check out these amazing front door ideas from Pinterest.


Neutralizing and a Touch of Customizing

Neutralizing means to remove anything that reflects your spirituality, hobbies and habits. An example would be a picture of Madonna in your dressing room would look great if the prospective buyer is a “Like A Virgin” fan but would be better rolled up while your home is set up for buyer tours. The buyers need to feel that they can live in that house and make it their own, without visualizing the former occupier.  Forbes Magazine found that homes that are staged and targeted towards buyers are more likely to be sold in half the time it takes to sell un-staged ones.

A tip on how to effectively neutralize would be to go into each room and see what makes the room uniquely yours. In short, remove all stamps of “ownership”.

Customizing nooks and crannies you haven’t thought of using is also a good idea. Like that corner under the stairs, with proper lighting and some paint can be used as a home office or that corner in the corridor can be used as a reading nook. Home Edit offers a range of ideas that can inspire you.



Start with your walls. Clean up your walls and ensure there is no mold. A fresh coat of paint can help your house bring in more buyers; however, make sure to choose a color that is light and airy. Typically you will want to avoid dark colors. I suggest consulting with professionals for this stage of the job. It will save you time and worries if you get the right people.

Next are glasses and windows, make sure to replace chipped mirrors and clean up your windows too. Repaint around your windows. Touch up your furniture with easy tricks. Watch this video from Megan on how to do your own simple touch ups and you can also buy touch-up kits for as low as $10.


Make it a home

Setting up the ambiance is easier than you think. Make sure that your home is scented just right.  The kitchen should smell of food and the living room should be refreshing. Check out this healthy scent ideas from Prevention.com.

Place flowers in the living room and some fruits in your kitchen. The smell of cinnamon in the kitchen can also go a long way. Place some new towels in your bathrooms and scented bar soaps. I know I said neutralize, but the idea is to put stuff that reminds your prospective buyers how it will look like with them living in your home.

Do not forget to replace any lights that are burnt out and get the AC cleaned out (retain the original receipt of service). Each room should have the right brightness for its purpose. Here are some light ideas from VirtuallyStaging.com.

 Checking for Success

Bring a friend to your home and ask how it feels and what they see that might need correction. Make sure to bring three or five to break the tie in opinions! If this home staging ideas have helped you, let us know too!


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