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Top 10 Honey Do’s for Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Honey Do’s for Valentine’s Day

The new year came by so fast and now, it’s only a month til Valentine’s day. With just a few days left, how’s it coming with your preparations? Of course, you want it to be perfect for your partner. But where do you start? Give your spouse something better than chocolates and flowers. Instead, here are top 10 honey do’s for Valentine’s day that they’ll surely appreciate even more!

Clean the kitchen


Tidy up your kitchen and clean it for your beloved spouse. It’s more enjoyable to cook in a clean kitchen than in an untidy one!  Here are some kitchen organization tips from House Beautiful that will transform your home’s kitchen into something that both of you will love. Add some beautiful flowers on a vase or some small succulents and instead of having dinner out, you can enjoy a home-cooked meal in your clean kitchen.pexels-photo-360713

Prepare the tub


Before giving your partner a nice relaxing dip in the tub, clean it out and repair if needed. Here are some tips from SF Gate and The Handyman to fix some cracks and reapply caulk on your tub to make it look new and clean. When it is ready, add some flower petals and scented candles for a more romantic feel.

love-romantic-bath-candlelight (1)

Re-landscape your yard


Make your home look nice and beautiful for Valentine’s day. Forget buying flowers and chocolates. Re-landscape your yard and add some flower or fruit-bearing plants that will add color to your everyday life.

You can also mow the lawn and pull out weeds to make it look tidy. Surprise your partner by adding a nice couple chair where you can both spend some time together.


Repaint interiors

It must’ve probably been a long time since you had a nice repainting job for your home. But repainting or adding color doesn’t have to be a total makeover. You can use simple and neutral colors or you can combine colors that match well together. Here are beautiful color trends in 2018 as suggested by Elle Decor. Other than that, here are some home design trends to watch out for this year. Of course, it has to be something that you think your partner will love!

Inspect the roof


Winter is almost over and it’s important to inspect the roof after experiencing extreme weather conditions. According to Five Coat Roofing, regular roof maintenance is necessary because not only heavy rain or snow can ruin your roof, but also very hot summer sun. Remember, prevention is better than cure, and your spouse will appreciate it more if you can avoid those roof problems. Here are inspection and maintenance tips from House Logic.

Fix some leaky pipes


It’s also about time to inspect and fix some leaky pipes. It’s hard to have some quality time together if you’re distracted with some water drips. Here are some tips from Family Handyman on how to find and repair hidden plumbing leaks.

Wash the car


Surprise your partner by giving the car a wash. Because of the busy schedule and daily use, it’s hard to find time to bring it to the carwash. So do it yourself and wash it for your partner. Here are car cleaning tips from Popular Mechanics that will make you clean the car like a pro!

Fold the laundry

Folding the laundry can be a very daunting task. For this heart’s day, do your partner a favor and help organize the laundry. It also helps to ask how he or she wants it organized.

Re-organize your home


Another time-consuming task and one that is great for honey-do lists is home reorganization. Declutter and prepare for your Valentine’s date night at home. Use organizing tools and throw away things that you don’t need. HGTV gives some quick tips for home organization.

Run some other errands


This is very simple. Take some of your spouse’s responsibilities for a day and just run a few errands like pay bills, go to the bank, or buy groceries. Let her or him have some time off and do it yourself.

Summing Up the Top 10 Honey Do’s for Valentine’s Day

Honey do’s are a great way to make your Valentine’s day more unique and meaningful. It’s a great addition to your candlelit dinner, chocolates, and flowers. Honey do’s don’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as a chore at home and as long as it’s for your partner, we’re sure that he or she will appreciate it!


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