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The Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home Without Increasing Square Footage

The Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home Without Increasing Square Footage

Increasing your home’s worth doesn’t mean you have to add more living space. It can mean making just a few changes to your home. So if you’re planning to sell your home but would like to increase its value just a little bit higher, then here are the best ways to add value to your home without increasing square footage.

Adding Value to Your Home



Check the current state of your home. Assess whether you need a paint job or not. Sometimes, living in the same house for a long time makes you get used to how it looks and you fail to see how much it has changed throughout the years. According to DIY Network, a simple repainting job can make your walls and your home look fresh and clean at a very minimal cost. This will appeal more to buyers because your home looks new, therefore, adding value to your home. Remember to check the current style trends for the year or settle for a neutral color that can fit in with any kind of decor. Here are some home painting tips from Reader’s Digest.

Energy-efficient appliances


Revamp your home and replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones with Energy Star certification. Not only do these lower down your electricity consumption, but they are also better for the environment.  Also, new appliances will also make your house look new. These will add value to your home compared to old-looking, dirty appliances. Of course, buyers prefer homes that look fresh but being energy-efficient adds even more value to them.

Reinventing space


According to Living Magazine, another way of adding value without increasing square footage is by reinventing spaces in your home. Get rid of rooms or spaces that are used for storage and turn it into a multi-functional room like a library, a working space, or a movie room. Another example is if you have an unused attic. You can turn it into a family area, a playroom for the kids, or just a cozy hangout place at home.

Energy-efficient windows


Inspect your home’s windows and look into changing them for energy-efficient ones. What are energy efficient windows? Energy efficient windows effectively let sunlight in and reduce heat loss, unlike regular windows. If you can’t totally change them, improvements to existing windows are also possible by adding storm windows, caulking, weather stripping, and other additional layers or covers.  Since windows provide ventilation to your home, this can be harsh during cold weather conditions. Other than that, it can also impact your home’s energy efficiency negatively if cold air goes in and you have to turn the heat up inside.

Basic repair


According to The Balance, another thing you can do to your home is repair all that needs to be repaired like wood, water pipes, or electric wires to keep everything working and looking good as new. They say that “Repairs Before Home Selling Return Rewards”. You can put your home’s value at a higher rate if everything is working perfectly and there are no flaws that can be seen.

The Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home Without Increasing Square Footage

Overall, adding value to your home without increasing square footage shouldn’t be difficult. Simple home repairs, repainting, and switching to energy-efficient items can make a huge difference to your home’s value as these are some of the things that buyers look into. Buyers appreciate the home’s value if they can see it’s worth. So if your house is looking fresh, clean, and energy-efficient, then you’re off to a good start.


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