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Team Peace

Team Peace

Hello, we are Team Peace and we would like to share a little bit of our background and how Team Peace came to be about.


We are Kacey and Gerald Peace and we are both Texas licensed realtors. We have been married for 20 years and have been blessed with two wonderful children.  Kacey is a premier Real Estate agent. She has helped dozens of families find perfect homes and set more on the path to ownership. Kacey is the face of Team Peace. Gerald is a United States Army Veteran. He has toured Korea, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait.  After leaving the army, he held down more important jobs such as a Police Officer, an Oilfield Hand and a Department of Defense Contractor. Gerald is the mind behind Team Peace.

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We live in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio is an amazing city. It has over 1.4 million people and ranks as the 7th largest city in the United States. San Antonio has a lively Hispanic culture that brings a whole new level of fun and excitement. The city is the site of the famous battle of the Alamo and the city itself predates the United States. We love a lot of things about San Antonio which is why we picked it as our base. There is this “small town” feel that everyone talks about. We see here a massive opportunity for everyone who lives here. We want to give back in our own way so we established Team Peace.

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Team Peace is originally from a small town in Louisiana that relocated to San Antonio. Team Peace is all about lifestyle improvement. We are real estate agents who are knowledgeable about self-defense and fitness. We believe that you can be your most productive self if you take care about your all-around well-being. We plan to sponsor and participate in charity events and community development programs that will help San Antonio become even better. If we can help you find a house along the way, that will be awesome too!


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