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   The age old tradition of passing land from one to another is an age old tradition. With terms like ‘Deeds’ and ‘Titles,’ one would think that it involved nobility. They would be correct! The time honored tradition of passing land from one to another usually involved Kings and Queens and the Aristocratic Noblemen and Noblewomen. Though the fancy titles of ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ are hardly involved with the majority of Real Estate deals, it is no less important. This is usually the biggest purchase that most people shall ever make in their life times and it should be treated as such.

   Kacey Peace understands that. Whether you are looking to sell the largest commercial property or the smallest residential lot, she can assist you.

      • You can expect Consistency
      • You can expect Courtesy
      • You can expect Punctuality
      • You can expect Vigilance
      • You can expect Follow-Through
      • You can expect Tenacity

   Kacey Peace’s entire goal is to ensure that the largest purchase of someone’s life is as stress free as possible. She tirelessly strives to ensure that her Clients know what to expect and are not blindsided by any detail, whether it be structural problems or credit.

   Contact her today to set an appointment and enjoy Peace of Mind.


Real Estate 

Just because Real Estate is an age old tradition does not mean that we must stay in the dark ages. While terms like ‘Eminent Domain’ and ‘Ad Valorem’ may suggest that we should all start writing our contracts in quill and parchment, Kacey Peace prefers the conveniences of only the most modern reliable technologies. Your property does not deserve to simply have an amateur take pictures of it and then toss it on Zillow or the Multiple Listing Service, while the agent simply relaxes.

No. Your property deserves to be marketed. Your property deserves open-houses. Your property deserves appropriate signage. Kacey Peace sacrifices a portion of her commission in every sale to ensure maximum exposure of a clients’ property in the best, most professional, light. Ask yourself, “Do you not deserve the absolute best marketing for your Real Estate?” Of course you do.

If you are tired of waiting around for your property to sell, then contact Kacey Peace immediately and enjoy Peace of Mind.


Commercial Market Analysis

   In medieval times, Noblemen and Noblewomen could have Arranged Marriages and pledge resources to a Monarchs cause in order to gain land. Thankfully, our system consists of the principles of American Free Trade. As such, our system is built upon supply and demand. Demand always drives pricing. Unfortunately, this fact is lost on many realtors.

   Many Realtors and For Sale by Owners (FSBO) fail to understand that the market is the driving force behind home pricing. So many Realtors simply want your business that they encourage you to list your home at whatever price you want, and indeed, you can do that. However, it’s the market that determines the price, not you nor your Real Estate Agent. Ask yourself, would you pay $5 for an apple? What about $10? $20? Most certainly not. Maybe if you are starving, but that’s an extenuating circumstance.

   Time is a precious commodity and by overpricing your real estate all it does is waste your valuable time. Do not fall into the trap of an over-eager under-experienced real estate agent over-promising on their ability to magically sell your home for 20% more than it’s worth.

   Kacey Peace knows San Antonio and its local market. Allow her to assist you with a home consultation and a free commercial market analysis of your real estate. Enjoy the Peace of Mind that you will be getting the best possible price while limiting your time on market.


With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.
However, it is people that are the life’s blood of Real Estate.  It is very much ‘who you know.’

Kacey Peace has the Network You Need

There are numerous details that can appear in a Real Estate deal. You have definitely taken the first, arguably the most crucial, step in the process of purchasing or listing your real estate.

You are in the process of vetting your Agent.

So many potential clients never do this. Kacey Peace actively encourages this. You need to know that the person with whom you are working with is going to work for you and ensure the things you need from a real estate deal are achieved. Kacey Peace is the same way when choosing to work with clients.

This is one piece of your multi-faceted real estate deal. Once you have found the Realtor you want to work with, what now? What title company are you going to close with? Who’s your mortgage lender and did they get you the best rate? Do you know the best rates? Does the property need repairs? Foundation issues? Plumbing? Home Warranty? Home Inspector? This is simply scraping the surface of a real estate deal and a sampling of the many questions that you will find yourself asking.

If you chose to work with Kacey Peace, you will not have to worry about any of these questions, because Kacey has an already well-established and well vetted team of experts and real estate professionals that she deals with on a regular basis. When you chose to work with Kacey Peace you choose to maximize your time and minimize your stress with Peace of Mind.

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