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New Year Resolution Home Improvement Tips

New Year Resolution Home Improvement Tips

With just a few days left until we hit 2018, the thought of having a reorganized and refreshed home is very exciting and leaving all the clutter behind can help you have a more positive outlook for the coming year. So let’s take this new opportunity to have new year resolution home improvement tips for 2018.

New Year Resolution Home Improvement Tips

Assess your home


Before working on some home improvement resolutions, check everything in your home and assess its current state. Decide what things you’d like to improve and change so that you can plan the materials to buy. It is best to list these down to avoid missing out on certain things and determine which items are the most urgent ones. Doing so can minimize other unnecessary costs and renovations.



According to Forbes, minimalistic lifestyle has been a growing trend in the recent years especially among millennials. While this isn’t an entirely new concept, it is becoming mainstream because it promotes simplicity and ample space in your home. So one easy way of starting a minimalistic approach to your home is by decluttering and removing barely used things from your house. The website No Sidebar says that when you achieve less clutter, you can enjoy its benefits including clarity of mind and more freedom in your home.

Home organization

home organization.jpg

In line with decluttering and the minimalistic lifestyle is home organization. After cleaning up all the clutter, the best thing to do is to organize. Remember to use space-saving storage containers like boxes and avoid round-shaped ones. This can help maximize the space and be stored easier. You can check out this new year organization ideas from HGTV and see how boxes look very neat!

Increase efficiency


With the start of the new year, we’d like to contribute to lessening our carbon footprint and increase our home’s energy efficiency. Here are some tips you can work on:

  • Replace old appliances and equipment with new energy-saving ones.
  • Choose LED-type light bulbs over traditional ones. Although these may cost more at first, you can save more on electricity because these last longer than fluorescent bulbs.
  • Use water-saving showerheads
  • Use appliances and electronics responsibly, and simply turn them off when not in use.
  • Consider inverter appliances

Security and safety


Review your security and safety equipment at home.  Check if they need replacement or upgrading for the coming year.

  • Check your smoke alarms and see if they work
  • Check your furnace if it’s at risk of setting dangerous fires
  • Check your home alarm system and see if it works properly
  • Review the surroundings of your house
  • Install CCTV equipment
  • Trim the plants on your lawn to discourage burglars from hiding in them

Lighten up

lighten up.jpg

A great way to lighten up your home without having to spend so much is by removing heavy drapes and curtains. Maximize the use of sunlight through your window to make your house look more spacious.

Fitness area

fitness area.jpg

Many people include their health and fitness in their new year’s resolutions but many also find it very hard to fulfill. So to achieve your healthy body new year’s resolution, you should create a fitness space in your home where you can have a short workout daily. Make the space peaceful and keep a container where you can store some weights.

New Year New House

No doubt, organizing for the new year is a great way to make your home more updated with the latest trends. With everything better, you will get a new feel for your home. Other than that, keeping out clutter can help you start the new year with more positivity. So we hope our new year home resolution tips came just in time to guide you as you move on to a new year!

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