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Ketogenic Diet 101: Benefits and How to Start

Ketogenic Diet 101: Benefits and How to Start

Hi everyone! Gerald and Kacey here. We’ve recently started the Ketogenic Diet and we’d like to share with you what we know and how it benefits our body. There are also certain suggested foods to eat. Read along and find out so you can start the diet too!

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

According to Healthline, the Ketogenic Diet focuses on high-fat, low-carb, and just enough protein for the liver to produce ketones which shifts the body to burning fat instead of carbohydrates. When the carbs in your body are reduced and fat is used for energy, this puts you in a natural metabolic state called ketosis.  Because of this, your body becomes more efficient in turning fat into energy and reduces the risk of some diseases. Eventually, less glucose is produced from the minimal carb intake.

Different types of Ketogenic Diet


Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet has many health benefits and here are some:

  1. Effective weight loss

    The body works more when turning fat into energy compared to making carbs into energy, thus helping speed up weight loss. Additionally, because it is high-protein, it takes a longer time to feel hungry.

  2. Lessens acne

    There are times when acne is caused by high blood sugar and an unhealthy diet from having a lot of processed and refined carbohydrates. So when you do the keto diet which is lessened carb intake, it could make the skin’s health better.

  3. Can help treat cancer

    There’s research that says the keto diet can help treat cancer. The lack of glucose from carbohydrates causes oxidative stress in cancer cells which feed off carbs in order to multiply. So if you lessen its “food”, it eventually starves to death.

  4. Lowers risk of heart disease

    It is important to note that despite being a high-fat diet, the type of fat should be considered. HDL (good) cholesterol levels increase significantly in people who follow the ketogenic diet as long as it’s the good fat being eaten. Make sure to read our previous blog post to know more about the different types of fat.

  5. Assists in brain functioning

    There are some studies that say the keto diet has significant benefits to the brain also. It can help prevent neuro diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, or can even lessen the symptoms.

How to start doing the Ketogenic Diet?

To begin doing the ketogenic diet, it is important to plan out your meals and have a diet plan ready. If you want to enter the ketogenic state faster, you should have more control over your intake of refined carbs. Stay away from foods that have a high glycemic index.

Foods to avoid

  1. Sugar

    Sugar can be found in regular food or drinks which is why natural and fresh ingredients are the best. Avoid sugary drinks and food like ice cream, cake, soda, and juice.

  2. Fruits

    Avoid fruits that are high in sugar like bananas, mangoes, apples, oranges. There are some berries are acceptable to consume but in moderation.

  3. Grains

    Limit intake of wheat and whole-grain products like bread, pasta, cereals, rice, and corn.

  4. Low-fat foods

    There are some low-fat foods that are higher in carb and sugar. A perfect example is low-fat milk.

  5. Starch

    Avoid starchy root vegetables like potatoes and yams as these can be high in carbohydrates.

  6. Trans-fats

    Most trans-fats are hydrogenated which can be bad for the body. Avoid margarine or other butter replacements.

What your diet should look like



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  2. […] one on our best blogs is our Ketogenic Diet 101 guide. If you’re trying to get fit and don’t know where to start with the ketogenic […]

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