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Is Your Candy Safe? – Trick or Treat Guidelines

Is Your Candy Safe? – Trick or Treat Guidelines

Halloween is fast approaching and naturally, our kids get excited with the thought of trick-or-treating because of all the goodies they can get. Of course, as parents, we want them to enjoy while making sure that what they get as treats are safe. So we did some research and came up with some trick-or-treat candy safety guidelines that you can follow for your child’s protection before consuming their loot.

Are your treats safe

Trick or Treat Candy Safety Guidelines

Meals before treats

Before sending out your child to trick-or-treat, give them a meal or a snack to avoid eating and binging on their treats as they go. This can avoid other potential candy risks before being inspected and sorted out. You can also prepare snacks like crackers, sandwiches or bananas which they can easily bring along.

Sort goodies

Before your kid dives into the bucket, spread the candies out on a table to inspect and sort them visually. Watch out for any broken wrappers or candies that look tampered.  According to HowStuffWorks, there have actually been documented cases of non-food items found in chocolates or candies. Nothing is scarier than food that surprises you! So it’s better to be safe! Get rid of any treats with broken wrappers including those that are out from their packaging. Even treats that aren’t commercially wrapped must be disposed.

Home-cooked treats

There are some who will give out homemade treats. While consuming these may be safe, you still don’t know what could be in them. It is best if you personally know who baked the goods or at least know where they came from. Otherwise, do not let your child consume them.

Check for choking hazards

Avoid a trip to the hospital and check for choking hazards in your child’s treats. Age-appropriateness also applies to candies and some may be too hard or difficult to chew for a small kid. This includes gummy and hard candies, gums, peanuts, and other that could get stuck in their throat. Some candies even have small toys in their packaging so look out for those too.

Watch out for allergens

Another thing that should be considered with treats is allergens. If your child is sensitive and often gets allergies, then you should check the labels to know the ingredients. This is also an advantage of commercially packed treats as they have disclosed product specifications on their wrappers.


Halloween Trick or Treat

Trick-or-treat is a fun tradition that we want our kids to enjoy and it can be even more fun if we can ensure the safety of our children. Often missed out, candy safety is important and inspection of treats our kids get will make sure they are safe for consumption. Our candy safety guidelines is a good and short basic recommendation that will allow your kids to appreciate trick-or-treating even more. Happy Halloween!


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  1. laurhan says:

    I remember when my friends and I were about 11 years old, someone had dropped a lighter in with our candy.

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