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How to Protect Yourself in a Hurricane

How to Protect Yourself in a Hurricane

It is hurricane season once again and the worst is not yet over. USA Today listed 3 Texas counties that are vulnerable to hurricanes. Although San Antonio is not one of these, being prepared to face the worst is vital in survival.

Now that the hurricane season is in full swing, how will you be able to secure your family when a hurricane comes? Having all the information you need to stay safe is very important. So, here are some hurricane protection tips for you and your loved ones.


Preparation before the storm

  1. Before the hurricane season begins, make sure that your home is updated with the latest building codes in your area and that it is safe for you to take shelter there. If you are unsure of your house’s safety, move to a municipal hurricane shelter.
  2. Make sure that your home is properly hurricane-proofed. Install shutters on windows and doors.
  3. Make a family emergency plan and make sure that every member knows when to evacuate and where to meet.
  4. Keep a copy of all your IDs, personal cards, important documents, and insurance policies in a waterproof container.
  5. Have basic necessities like food and water, especially those that do not need cooking or with minimal preparation. There may be no electricity during a hurricane so there will also be no refrigeration. Also, stock up on medicine, protective clothing, flashlights, batteries, and car with a full tank of gasoline.


During a hurricane

  1. Stay inside the house to prevent injuries. Never go out during the storm. Only in the event of a fire should you move out of your house.
  2. Do not stay close to windows and doors, and keep your curtains or blinds shut. You can get injured from broken glass and splinters.
  3. It is best to turn off your electricity and gas tanks during a hurricane. Unplug all appliances.
  4. If the house seems on the verge of breaking, protect yourself by staying under a table or stay in a sturdy closet.
  5. Listen to the radio to keep yourself updated regarding the hurricane.
  6. Stay calm so that you will be able to think clearly in the midst of the hurricane.


How to proceed after a hurricane

  1. Apply first-aid to injuries or seek medical attention if needed.
  2. Keep listening to the radio and monitor weather and road conditions. Stay updated with the latest news and instructions.
  3. When in an evacuation center, only return to your home if authorities tell you to do so. This can avoid any risks or dangers that the storm may have caused.
  4. The storm may seem to be over but stay alert in case of more rain and flooding.
  5. Be cautious about downed power lines which can cause electrocution. Also, stay away from stagnant water which can be electrically charged from downed power lines.
  6. Never try to cross flowing water to avoid possible drowning. Some floods can be deep with strong currents and sweep you away.
  7. Inspect the damages in your home, take photos, and inform your insurance company.
  8. If the electricity is still down, do not use candles because these can cause a fire. Use battery-powered flashlights or emergency lighting.

Bracing yourself and your family for a storm can be frightening. But knowing what to do and preparing for the worst can be your best defense. We hope that you keep these tips in mind and that these will be useful in the next hurricanes that come. Stay safe and dry!


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