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Home Security Tips Against Thieves this Halloween

Home Security Tips Against Thieves this Halloween

It’s almost Halloween and before we participate in any trick-or-treat activities, it is important to secure your house. Many kids and adults will be knocking on your door soon for candies and treats, but remember to keep your house safe with our home security tips against thieves this Halloween.


5 Home Security Tips Against Thieves this Halloween

Turn lights on

According to Crime Prevention Security Systems, burglars thrive in the dark. Halloween is a night that encourages you to keep your lights out for a more spooky experience, but keeping it on will keep you and your home safe. Importantly keep your porch’s light on so that you can see trick-or-treaters who will ring your doorbell.

Keep company

Celebrate Halloween at home with friends or family. Just in case an intruder is eyeing your home, they’ll get discouraged because you are not home alone. Most thieves target houses that are empty, so having companions at with you will put your house off their list.

Be prepared for pranksters

Halloween is a night full of treats and tricks, so prepare yourself for any pranks that people might pull off which can lead to theft.  Some people like setting up surprises so put yourself on guard by anticipating them. Watch out for the most common pranks like egging, spray painting, throwing toilet papers, spraying shaving cream, and smashing pumpkins. Some like leaving pranks inside the mailboxes so it is ideal to remove opportunities on Halloween to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Light up dark areas, so pranksters have no place to hide.  If you have a security system, ensure the security company’s logo is clearly visible.  Most Security companies have a yard sign that you can put in your yard to inform intruders and pranksters alike what they are getting into.  Even if you don’t have a security system, you can borrow a sign and put it in your yard.  Most people will not take a chance if they can be caught in the act.

Keep windows and doors locked

While your home should welcome trick-or-treaters, it is important to keep your windows, doors, and other entryways locked. This is the most basic security home measure that you can start with. Lock doors which you will not use during this time like your back door. In keeping your door secured, remember to use the peephole before giving out your candies. Also, store your garden tools inside your house. These are some items that thieves look for when breaking into your home.

Park your car in the garage

Some tricksters like targeting cars for pranks, vandalism, and theft. At this event where a lot of people are out on the streets, park your car in the garage to keep it safe. If your garage is used for storage, clean it out and keep your car in. Another reason stated by Safewise is because kids are more likely to get hit by a motor vehicle at this time compared to any regular day.

You can definitely enjoy Halloween this year while keeping your home safe with our security tips against thieves. Celebrate it with friends and family at home for a more fun experience. If you are planning on going out, don’t forget to secure your home by locking all your doors.  Have happy Halloween and safe trick-or-treating!

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