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Good Feng Shui Tips for Your Home: Chinese New Year 2018

Good Feng Shui Tips for Your Home: Chinese New Year 2018

Chinese New Year is coming closer and with their unique culture comes a wide range of beliefs and superstitions to bring luck. Of course, there is no harm in bringing in good omen into your life by following Chinese influence. So today, we are sharing with you good feng shui tips for your home this Chinese New Year.

What is feng shui?.png

To give you a little background, a direct translation from The Spruce says that “feng” means wind and “shui” means water, which are often related to good health and fortune in Chinese culture. Feng shui has been practiced as an ancient art for 3,000 years already, and its main goal is to achieve balance between energies or “chi” in a given space to attract good fortune.

What are the Basic Principles of Feng Shui?

Basically, Feng Shui has 3 principles that you need to understand so that you get a grasp of how it works.


First is the principle of the 5 Feng Shui elements and how these affect the surroundings. Another article from The Spruce explains how these elements work on different aspects of your home. These 5 elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water and each is represented by a color. Knowing how to blend the colors can help you create a harmonious atmosphere at home. According to The Spruce, here are the different elements and the colors that represent them.


Fire is a warm element and is represented by the colors red, orange, purple, pink, strong yellow, and anything else with a hint of red. This element helps attract energy that will support your career towards success.


The earth element is represented by neutral colors like beige, earthy colors, and even light yellow. This element helps put you on your ground and keep you calm. Also, it attracts energy to help nourish your mind and body for overall health.


Metal is considered a “sharp” element and with it comes precision and efficiency. This element is represented by gray, white, and silver, and can bring energies of calmness and clarity to get rid of distractions in your home.


The water element brings feelings of refreshment and purity. The colors that represent it are blue and black. According to The Spruce, it is an ancient symbol of abundance, therefore it can attract wealth, in addition to the use of mirrors and fountains at home.


The last element is wood and it gives energies of vitality and growth. Colors that represent this element are green and brown, so adding plants to your home can bring in these energies. Just like the water element, wood is also an expression of abundance and can bring in wealth.

Yin & Yang

Next is the principle of yin and yang which aims to achieve a balance of energy in your home. The theory of Yin and Yang believes that there are always two opposing yet interconnected forces in our universe. Yin is feminine, represented by the color black and is a passive energy. While Yang is the masculine active energy and is represented by the color white.

These two energies cannot exist by themselves in your home and should coexist as balanced energies instead. Assess your rooms at home and carefully study if one energy is more dominant than the other. Try to balance it and add items from the less dominant energy.

One good example is your bedroom which should have the passive Yin energy for you to relax. Let go of any items that will make the room seem active and disrupt your rest such as exercise equipment or work desk.


Last is the principle of Chi which is the universal energy in Feng Shui. Good Feng Shui aims to attract good chi to have luck and a harmonious life. When reorganizing your home, it is important to place things in a such a way that good chi can flow in. Avoid things that will block chi or let it flow out abruptly.

Minor Things That Leak or Block Chi

  1. Chi can leak out of your home if your main door is in line with your back door.
  2. Another bad feng shui for chi is when your stairs are facing the main door.
  3. Mirrors directly in front of your main door can also push out chi.

How to Check the Flow of Chi?

  1. Think of chi as water and how it will flow into your home. Straight lines or designs are not good for chi flow because it will make the energy flow quickly and lead it out to doors or windows.
  2. Watch out for blocked areas in your home. One good example is if a wall is facing your front door and will block the chi that is coming in. A useful tip to “open up” chi-blocking walls is by hanging art or anything decorative.

Where to Start in Your Home?

First, assess the three most important areas in your home. According to Feng Shui, These are the main entry door, the kitchen, and the master’s bedroom.

Front Door


The main door is where the energy comes in and it is also called “the mouth of chi”, according to Houzz. It should not be aligned with your back door as it is believed to exit immediately upon entry.



The kitchen is where you stir up some health and wealth for your home and your family. It is where you cook food and nourish life. That’s why it’s important to cook in an organized kitchen. To attract abundance and a good flow of energy, do not keep clutter in your kitchen and keep things like gadgets at a minimum.

Master’s Bedroom


The master’s bedroom is the most important room in your home because it is where you re-energize your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. To have enough rest and to replenish energy, keep unnecessary activities out of your bedroom.

Other Good Feng Shui Tips

Once you’ve assessed the condition of the three most important areas in your home, you can then work on other aspects. Here are other tips to create an overall good energy in your home.



Get rid of unnecessary items at home. These only make your house feel “too heavy” and they restrict energy flow. Just as how minimalism works, decluttering and having fewer items at home can help you have a clearer mind.

Let Air and Light Flow


Allow natural light and fresh air to flow into your home. These are important in drawing in good energy and to help keep you rejuvenated. Instead of turning on the light, open your windows and let the sunlight in.

Keep Balance


Always try to achieve balance in every room and do not overly accessorize it with one element. Make sure that there is an item or color that represents each of the 5 elements. Also, there are some home items that may seem too angular or sharp, so try softening it by complimenting it with other items that have rounded or soft edges. The Western School of Feng Shui has helpful guidelines for angles and corners.



Use mirrors wisely and make sure you put them in places where it can increase energy flow. Also, make sure that it reflects something appealing to the eyes and prevent it from reflecting things that harbor low energy like trash cans.

Living Plants


Place living plants in your home and add some flowers too. These can help uplift energy as they are believed to attract and have their own chi. The best places to put plants at home are the family room, the kitchen, and the dining table. The plants help promote health, abundance, and create balance in life.

Wrapping Up the Home Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui may seem intimidating but it is very pretty easy and simple to attract positive energy and achieve balance at home. We hope our simple guide and  tips can help you have a lucky year this 2018!




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