How to Secure Your Home From Theft

Having a home for your family is a great privilege and one important thing to consider when having a home is security. Crimes are everywhere but can be prevented with the use of safety precautions. So, here are ways on how to secure your home from theft.

Don’t post on social media

We live in a time when everything is posted on social media and even your whereabouts are included, thanks to GPS. Everyone has access to the internet and that includes thieves and burglars. These people are always on the lookout for empty houses to break in. According to a report from DailyMail, photos posted on social media can make it easier for burglars to find unoccupied homes. Criminals use advanced techniques to target homeowner locations.

Always remember to be responsible on social media and always be conscious of your posts. Never be an easy target for thieves and avoid posting your location. Never post that you are away with an empty house back home. Make sure that your posts are not public and can only be visible to friends, family, and relatives.

Clear your garden

A WebMD article about home security says that clearing the outside of your house prevents theft. Trees and shrubs can make it easy for thieves to hide and look into your house. Always make it a habit to clear your garden and trim your plants especially those near doors and windows. It is also advisable to use thorny and spiked plants in your garden to help avoid trespassers.


Secure your doors

Next is the most important of all which are entries to your house – doors. According to Crime Prevention Security Systems, most people think that burglars would never attempt to enter through the front door. However, around 40% of successful break-ins happen with the use of the front door. These are easy targets for burglars because people often forget to lock doors. Sometimes, people also hide the keys somewhere near the door, making it easy for burglars to fish for it.

One lock for a door is not enough, so make sure you have at least two. Secure both front and back doors with deadbolts and never store the keys near them. It is best to store all keys with you in your bedroom including car keys. Place a “neighborhood watch” sign on your door or window which can be a primary warning to thieves.

Buy professional alarms

There are a lot of home alarm systems available in the market and prices may vary greatly. It is normal to doubt and be stingy about an alarm system but it is important to buy a professional one. Do not settle for dummy ones in an attempt to just scare off burglars. Alarms help home intruders be easily seen. There are different types of alarm systems but according to WebMD, one with motion detectors is the best, with windows and doors coverage.

You should post signs on your house or lawn that you have a home security system. This will discourage thieves from entering your home as well.

Secure other entries

Other points of entry in your home are windows and some burglars decide to enter through it. Secure your windows by adding locks. Also, invest in an alarm system that has glass-break sensors. This easily sets off the alarm once there’s a sound of glass breaking from a window.


Keep the inside private

Keep the inside of your house private and make sure that it is not easily seen from the outside. According to, burglars like to watch and study a home before entering to see if the items they can steal are worth breaking in to. Cover your windows with curtains or blinds to prevent thieves from watching and seeing the activities inside your house. This is similar to not posting on social media and keeping your life private. If burglars have minimal access to your home, then your house has a better chance of preventing intruders.

Store your tools

Keep your tools away and store them somewhere inaccessible to intruders. Some burglars improvise and look for tools in the home that they break in to. Store your tools in one place and never keep them near doors.

Being proactive and securing your home with these tips and tools is a very handy way of protecting your family. In the rare case that a burglar does get in, be sure you know how to defend yourself and your family. Remember that prevention is always the safest option.

Things to Consider When Buying a Home

Buying a home can be one of the biggest and most exciting decisions in your life. How do you know that the home you buy is for you? To make sure that you make the most out of that decision, there are certain things you need to consider.


Your home’s location can have a very huge impact on your lifestyle. According to Realty Times, factors you need to think about to evaluate a property’s location are proximity, environment, accessibility, and positioning of the property.


  • Proximity
    • Assess if it is close to areas that you would necessarily go to like work, park, schools, relatives’ home, or downtown areas. Think whether you want to stay near places for leisure and activities.
  • Environment
    • How is the ambiance of the location for you? Most people prefer a quiet and peaceful atmosphere rather than noisy ones. Houses are better located away from freeways, factories, or excessively noisy places.
  • Accessibility
    • Is the property located near public transportation? Commuting accessibility is an important factor to consider especially if you have trouble with your vehicle. See if the property is located near a bus or train station.
  • Positioning
    • The position of the home you buy is also an important component to evaluate. If you are a first-time home buyer, this is something you should not miss. Some cultures highly consider the direction where their house faces. You should also think about the position in terms of the sun. Some people do not like too much sunlight yet some do. Positioning can affect home temperature, lighting, and air flow.

So think about the location wisely and one thing to help is ask around the neighborhood for their opinions.


Safety and security are a top concern when buying a home and usually comes together with the location. Read about local news and learn about the homeowner’s association of the area you plan to live in. This is very important to maintain a safe haven for you and your family.


Think about what size of home you want. How many will be living in the house with you? How many bedrooms and bathrooms will you need? Do not buy an excessively huge house if only two people will live in it. Remember that along with size comes a higher price! Amy Fontinelle of Investopedia says that the bigger the property is, the higher the maintenance costs and utility bills as well. Also, you will need to fill in space with more furniture and house items if your house is bigger than you need. Live in a house size that you know you can afford and manage.



Everyone wants a sturdy built house that will last for years. If you’re purchasing a house that is already built, know what kind of materials were used. According to SafeWise, hiring a reputable inspector to check the house is your best bet. The inspector can examine and verify the materials used to build the house. They will check window quality, roof materials, foundation, and flooring. You can hire specialized inspectors to double check for pests.

Knowing the structure of your home can ensure that your house is sturdy and doesn’t have any hazards for your family. 

Financial Situation

Knowing your financial situation is very important in knowing what kind of home you can purchase. According to Forbes, it is important not to get fixated solely on the purchase price because there are other costs to consider. Beyond the house price are real estate taxes, insurance costs, and homeowner association fees to name a few.

Carefully assess how much you can afford to buy a home. Having a clear picture of your financial situation can help you get your dream home for your family. This can let you know how much budget you have and the amount of loan you can get.

Real Estate Agent


A real estate agent is very important in your house hunt. Forbes advises that hiring a trusted realtor is still ideal because they will be the one to guide you in the home-buying process. Going through the process alone can be very confusing and having someone professional to guide you will make it easier and more convenient.

Choosing a home may seem very simple but having guidelines to consider will make it even easier. Make sure you know what you want when buying a home and remember these things to find one that is perfect for you.

Empower Hour

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