12 Best Relationship Advice for Military Couples

As you may or may not know, Kacey and I are a military couple. We have experience living apart while I was deployed and, I admit, it was very challenging. But when you do the right things as a long-distance military couple, things can go smoothly until you see each other again. With this, we’d like to share our 10 best relationship advice to keep a healthy relationship in long distance deployments.


Get educated

If you truly love your husband or wife, ask questions prior to deployment. It can be anything about his or her job. This is a good way to help you understand and connect with what they do. With this, you can create discussions while not getting lost. This can help you build a foundation and plan out how you will keep your long-distance relationship.

Build the foundation

Before your husband leaves, you should set the foundation for how you want your relationship to work while you are apart. Agree on how you would like to communicate with each other and how often. It’s best to set clear expectations early so that both of you can cope easier with the distance.

Communicate constantly

One very obvious tip is to communicate constantly. It may seem pretty simple but getting by with a schedule isn’t very easy. You won’t be able to have a video call all the time and you may even go months without talking, but leaving messages and reaching out keeps the communication alive. Other than that you can get creative with your messages and send open-when letters.

Do things together

Being apart doesn’t have to mean you stop doing things together. You can both enjoy the same book or TV series at the same time so that you keep the connection between each other. Doing this will not make the other person feel disconnected or out of place.

Express your emotions

Do not keep your emotions bottled up. Of course, you don’t want to bombard your partner with negative feelings. But sharing your emotions genuinely can help you both get moving and understand the necessary things to make the relationship work. Being transparent can help you have an even deeper relationship with each other despite being apart.

Enjoy independence

While you are apart, live your own independence and also learn to enjoy life alone. You don’t have to spend all your time waiting for each other’s message or call. Learn new things on your own. Get a new hobby. This can help make time seem faster and keep you preoccupied while living the life you have right in front of you.

Do not compete with each other

Do not compete with your partner. This can create a gap between you and make big problems that shouldn’t even be there. Avoid talking about who is having a rougher time, or who has the better job, etc. Your partner can feel resentment when you become competitive. Both of you are working together to keep the relationship and for sure both of you are giving it your best.

Avoid noticing the flaws

Sometimes, one of you may miss a scheduled call but do not dwell on small things like this. You both have your own lives so this may be unavoidable at times. Just move on and resolve the matter. Try to agree on how to be better next time to avoid that flaw.

Be honest

When you are apart, it can be hard to fully trust a person. But to gain trust and to keep it, you should always be honest and fully transparent to your partner. Never keep things hidden and wait until your partner finds it out from another person. Always be the one to tell your partner first. Remain honest and be open to maintain a healthy relationship.

Never give up

Keeping a long-distance relationship together is a choice you have to make each day that you are apart. To survive, you should never give up. Things can be up and down along the way you have to stay strong and determined to be in that relationship.


Meditate and take this time to examine not only yourself but your relationship.  What do you want out of your relationship?  What do you expect of your partner?  What are some of your flaws?  You have only time to examine yourself and make yourself better.  This is not only for your spouse but mainly for you.  This is a huge luxury that not many couples get, capitalize on it.

Take the time to examine the past arguments you’ve had with your spouse to see if there was something you could have done differently.  Were you simply being stubborn?   Focus on the things you miss about your spouse and why, exactly, do you miss them.

Expectation Management

There will be a lot of expectations generated throughout the time away.  One spouse may be expecting many nights of mind-blowing passion in to the early hours of the morning, while the other might just want a break from the kids and some quiet time.  This lack of understanding coupled with high expectation creates a ridiculous amount of tension.  This tension, can be devastating to a relationship.  It can certainly cause one spouse to shut down or the other to feel as if no support is being given.

Recognize the early signs of high expectation with Introspection.  During a long deployment, emotions can run high.  Abnormally high.  These won’t be normal feelings, they will amplified, and with these feelings come amplified expectations.  Don’t get caught in the cycle of thought that leads to unreasonably high expectations.

We hope our 10 tips will help you and your partner live through the long distance military relationship. It may be difficult, but remember that the important thing is to understand each other along the way.

7 Ways To Improve Your Kid’s Self Defense Skills

Hi, everyone! We’re Team Peace and we want to talk to you about something important. It is important to protect our children from street crimes such as assaults, muggings and any sort of violence directed at kids. We have children of our own and we work at teaching them to be street smart and have equipped them with basic self-defense skills. Today this is more important as crime rates soar everywhere. Let us discuss 7 ways to do this:

1. Don’t go with any stranger – This should be a rule. No matter what the stranger says, or even if the stranger has a puppy or ice cream, remind your kids that they are not to decide IF they should go with the stranger. The rule is to NEVER go with a stranger.

2. Have a Family Code Word – This is in the case of emergencies and someone else needs to get the kids from school or practice. There is one safeword that the kids should ask to prove that you sent this person to get them. ONLY then are they allowed to go with whoever that is.

3. Stay away from adults asking for help – This is because adults would not ask children for help, this is most likely a ploy to abduct the child. No matter if the person asking for help is on crutches or old or has a cute kitten. Train your kids to get another adult to help the person asking for help, and not help directly.

4. Stay out of reach of vehicles – This is to avoid being abducted or snatched into a vehicle. Staying two to three steps away from a vehicle is enough if one slows down to ask for directions. And remind them to NEVER get into a car with a stranger no matter what the weather is, especially if the person does not have the Family Code Word.

5. Avoid labels – This means no labels on clothes, bags, lunch boxes, thermos, etc. If your kid has their name in plain sight then a predator might use this knowledge to gain their trust. Keep labels inside bags or on the inner tags of clothing instead.

6. Have a plan – This is for when you get separated at events, or the mall or anywhere. Tell your child to find a policeman, security guard, a mother with kids and say they are lost. Make sure they know their full name, address, YOUR full name and phone number.

7. Practice scenarios – This is to instill all the rules in them until they become reflexes. Role playing different dangerous scenarios will also heighten their instinct so that they will have a better chance if the scenario happens in real life.


NBC News tells us here are precautions you can take as a parent and caregiver and information and skills you can teach your child to prevent an abduction. We need to raise street smart kids in these dark times. The time you spend teaching your kids street smarts will increase their chances of staying safe should they ever be in a dangerous situation reminds The Spruce. We hope the tips we shared above can help arm your child against threats in society. Do you have any other tips? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

5 Worst Ways to Lose Weight

Hi, I’m Kacey and I am a fitness advocate. I am part of Beachbody and we believe that killing your workouts and eating healthy meals are crucial components of healthy, sustainable weight loss. But there are some people who have a hard time reaching their desired weight and resort to unhealthy practices in losing weight. “What practices are those?” you may ask, well let me list the top 5:


1. Skipping Your Meals – Muscle For Life says that many starvation diets have you eating anywhere from 30-50% of the energy you burn daily, and these qualify as severe caloric restrictions. This is bad because most of the weight lost is water weight which is lost and returned very quickly. Skipping meals also cause muscle loss, slow metabolism, bone density loss and other similar diseases. Plus, when we restrict ourselves from eating, we get mood swings and are more prone to depression and anger. No one wants to be “hangry” for sure!


2. Removing an Entire Food Group – This means removing either all carbohydrates or all protein from your diet. This removes valuable nutrients from your diet as well, like folate and iron. The best thing would be to choose what you eat wisely. Choose complex carbohydrates over sugar-filled simple carbs for example. Fat-loss Review Center advises consulting a dietician first to determine the best way to replace the protein and other nutrients contained in meat, if you really want to eliminate meat from your diet.


3. Laxatives – Excessive use of laxatives in the form of pills, powders, suppositories, and teas in order to lose weight is not a new concept shares Dr. Axe. This is one of the popular forms of diet today with hundreds of brands selling weight loss teas, powders, etc. But this is dangerous to our digestive system as this causes weakness in the abdominal lining and other digestive problems.


4.Working Out Too Much – While it is true that you burn more calories when you work out for longer periods of time, this extended workout hours will also cause you to eat more. Then all your hard work exercising will be reversed. Eat This, Not That advises to cut yourself off after an hour or two to ensure you’re able to control your hunger.


5. Fasting Before a Workout – You may think this makes you thinner faster but the opposite happens. When you don’t eat before a workout, your body burns the fats in your body alright. When you burn fat rapidly, your body begins to adjust your metabolism to compensate for that loss says Lifehacker. This then pushes your body into survival mode and burns fewer calories to “save” you. And in your next meal, your cells will store more fat to counter what you lost. This makes your fasting moot.


To lose weight, make it a goal and follow the SMART method, according to Beachbody.
The goal, weight loss, should be sustainable, measurable, attainable, realistic, and have a set time frame. Remember that balanced meals and exercise are the way to go and not the latest diet fads which work only on others and not everyone. Patience, discipline, and hard work are your friends on the road to creating a healthier you.

If you need help or motivation, you can comment below and I will be sure to respond. You can look me up on Facebook and send a message there. Feel free to check my Instagram for workouts to follow as well!

8 Quick Tips For Millennial Homebuyers

Hello, Millennials! This is Kacey and Gerald Peace and we want to help you buy your dream home. We know that members of the Millennial generation, those in the 18-34 age range, have been slow to enter the home buying market confirms the National Association of Realtors. There are student loan debts, high unemployment rates, tight credit and a different view on home ownership to think about. Most millennials prefer renting to buying a house but slowly, there are those who are becoming more inclined to buy their dream home. What are some important things to consider for millennial homebuyers? Read on to find out!


1. Credit score is key

Real estate is expensive and investing is not something that is done haphazardly. One of the biggest steps in buying a home is getting a good credit score from a lender. Redfin says that fortunately when it comes to hard money loans, your credit score isn’t as important as it may be if you were applying for a traditional loan. Hard money lenders are those that look at the property value before giving a loan. For traditional loans, having debts paid off will earn a solid credit score that you can use to secure investment money.

2. Research, research, research!

Research the property you are targeting to buy. Research your price range and check out online what properties fall into your budget before going out to see them in person. Research the neighborhood and the real estate market in the city you’re interested in to see if the price of the house you want is a good price or if you’re being stiffed. Research public transportation, shops, schools, crime rate, fault lines, and other important factors.

3. Find out all the costs involved

Forbes states that you don’t just consider a home’s price—owning real estate means factoring in insurance, closing costs, homeowner’s fees, home maintenance, utility payments and other numbers that can quickly add up. Getting your dream home means getting to know the hidden fees that may wreak havoc on your budget. You should have a realistic idea of what you can afford and look not just at the price of the house but the whole package. Ask lots of questions and learn as much as you can about the house you want before making any decisions.

4. Choose a big downpayment.

The minimum amount you’ll want to consider putting down is 20% in order to avoid paying private mortgage insurance cautions Forbes. Remember that the bigger the down payment made, the less of a risk you are to lenders. This may lead to a bigger loan and you’ll be able to afford a wider range of houses. Plus, a bigger down payment means there will be less to pay off down the road.

5. Save, save, save!

Having proof of savings will not only impress a lender but will help in adding to your house-buying budget. Successful investors start saving a certain amount from each paycheck that stays tucked away until their first purchase shares Redfin. Be sure to invest for the future, since buying a house is a big chunk of your savings gone, make sure to keep some emergency and daily expenses funds. Another wise move would be to buy smart, buy only what you need and not what is the hype.

6. Get a great realtor

Start networking and consult an expert or experts. It is so, so important to work as a team with a skilled local lender and a well-connected, experienced Realtor reminds HomeCity. Get online and see who are the top realtors in the area you’re interested in and contact a few of them. Meet with them and discuss what you’re looking for and pick the one who has the same point of view as you do. It is better to have the help of someone who knows the ins and outs of the real estate market when you’re buying your first home.

7. Follow your heart AND mind

This will be YOUR home. The place you will spend most of your days in. Don’t doubt yourself when choosing from a list of houses that your realtor will give. They will all surely fit your budget and lifestyle since you discussed those details, what you need to decide for yourself is what house will be your HOME.

8. Choose wisely

I know we said to follow your heart and mind but it’s too easy to base your decisions on your heart instead of your head, especially when it comes to real estate. A perfect looking house from the outside may need tons of repair on the inside. Get an inspector to help decide how much you will need to spend on the maintenance and repairs. ask your realtor’s advice on the best one for you, most likely these answers will be helpful in making that leap from renter to owner.


Inman says that according to Forbes Magazine, Millennials currently account for about a third of all recent new home purchases; their impact on the market is only expected to skyrocket in the next decade, reaching a tipping point in 2018. I hope future millennial homebuyer will see these tips as helpful. If you have any questions that we didn’t cover in this post, feel free to leave a comment below or to contact Gerald or Kacey. Here’s to buying your dream home!


How To Make Home Buying Effortless: 3 Tips For The Smart Home Buyer

We at Team Peace both work in the real estate industry and we wanted to share some tips with all the people out there who are thinking of taking the plunge and buying a house. Buying a house can sometimes be a daunting task and some buyers just go with the fist house they see because it fits the budget even though they don’t fall in love with it, OR they see a house they love and is out of their price range so they just continue to rent instead. We want you guys to be able to check out houses that are in your price range AND that you really want to live in. Here are 3 important tips from us:


Be organized.

Research, research, research! Buying a home can be an overwhelming process and emotionally draining according to The Balance, they say that buyers should schedule a maximum of 7 homes at a time because any more than that will make a buyer’s head spin. Then get all of your important documents in order and ready to go for when the underwriter asks for them.  Make sure you can easily access your pay statements, tax records, and anything else the lender might want to know about.  Also, clear up any debt problems you know you have.  This will save you a huge amount of time and start looking at Realtor.com or Zillow.com to find out what people are asking for the house you’d like to live in.



Before you start shopping, it’s important to get an idea of how much a lender will actually be willing to give you to purchase your first home reminds Investopedia. Talk to a Lender and get Pre-Qualified well before you are actually ready to buy. A credit score says CNN Money, is a number calculated from a formula created by Fair Isaac based on the information in your credit report; you have three different credit scores, one for each of your credit reports.  The lender will happily help you work on your credit and cite the things you need to do to get yourself in a position to buy with a decent credit score.  They will also know the actions you need to take that will have the greatest effect on your credit score in the smallest amount of time.  I’ve seen credit scores jump by 40+ points in a matter of two months!  It really depends on your situation, and the lender is going to be able to help you with that.  If you didn’t qualify for the houses you were eyeing from Step 1; then see if there are any houses within your price range that the lender gave you.  If you can’t find a good lender then skip to Step 3.

FREE TOOL: To get a sense of where your credit stands, go to myBankrate to collect your credit report and score today, free and with no obligation.


Find a Realtor.

If you can’t find a lender on your own, then a realtor is likely to have a list of lenders that they prefer to work with that can ensure the deal will close.  Select an agent carefully and prepare questions in advance of a meeting warns Macquarie. They further advise to find out what kind of experience the agent has, how many buyers they are representing and if they can share any references.  It’s not all about the connections though.  Make sure you find a realtor that makes time for you and doesn’t enforce a policy of ‘I show you three houses, pick one.’  You are the customer and they should be happy to help you, not the other way around.  Your Realtor will also be able to help you in finding what types of houses you can afford at a certain price point within your area.  This is why the second step is so critical.  If you don’t like anything in your price point, then go back to step two and improve your credit score even more so you can afford a better loan with a better rate; after that, come back to step three.


Don’t forget Team Peace!

Remember, buying a house is a very emotional process. Fox Business shares that a good way to cope with the stress of home-buying is to make a checklist of your must-haves, nice-to-haves and other essentials and every time you visit a house, take the checklist along with you; take photographs so you can cross each item off your list. If you fall in love with the house and your checklist shows that the house has none of your must-haves, that will give you cause to check out another house. We at Team Peace are ready and willing to help you find the house of your dreams, you can reach us here or at out Century 21 pages. Click here for Kacey and here for Gerald.

10 Elderly Self-defense Tips You Need To Learn Now.

Hi everyone, my name is Kacey! I want to discuss something important with you all. Elderly self-defense is not a new concept but an old one that needs to be reinforced especially in this day and age. Seniors advise that the concept of self-defense for seniors deals more with not showing fear than with ways to body-slam someone to the pavement. Elderly people need to have the strength to protect themselves and that comes from an awareness of surroundings, a fearless presence, and an understanding of their capabilities. How do we help the elderly achieve all this?

My Silver Age confirms that crime is a real concern in the world today, and seniors are often targets. Bad elements in society often think that elderly people are weak, and this perception rubs off on most of our old folks. You can strengthen yourself and be more prepared by taking note of some valuable tips regarding elderly self-defense:

  1. Stay in groups – Robbers and snatchers tend to attack people, young and old, who are alone. It is always better to buddy-up or go out in groups, especially when going out at nighttime.
  2. Avoid places where “bad people” hang out – We all know there are areas in the city where there are dangerous people and the crime rate is high. Steer clear from these areas and this lessens the chance that these bad people will target you.
  3. Stay in well-lighted places – Thieves and all sorts of bad people love the dark places where they can ambush people. You can save yourself the trouble by staying in well-lit areas where you can avoid giving them an advantage.
  4. Keep valuables hidden – Most snatchers and robbers target those with obvious valuables in sight, like designer watches or gold jewelry. When walking out and about it is better to keep them in your bag or pocket until you reach your destination.
  5. Dodge attacks – This is extremely important: do not fight back if possible. Unless an attacker has already engaged you in a fight, it is better to run and call for help if a physical attack is not imminent.
  6. Stay in shape – This may seem trivial but being fit gives you a better fighting chance. When you are in shape, you can move faster even when you’re older.
  7. Anything can be a weapon – Think! Your keys, an umbrella, a walking stick and even a shopping bag can be used to ward off attackers.
  8. Target weak spots – If confronted by an attacker and armed with a weapon, always go for the weak spots: the eyes, the nose, or the groin.
  9. Take a self-defense class – Your local YMCA or Police Station may be offering classes in your area and a structured class held by professionals may be advantageous especially if you’re a visual or kinesthetic learner.
  10. Constant vigilance – This is very important because being aware of your surroundings can be a life and death matter. This will lead you to know when to run and fight and is crucial in surviving an attack.

As a senior citizen, you need to be prepared with self-defense strategies, tactics and techniques before an attack happens and they need to be practiced often shares Legally Concealed. People young or old need to learn about self-defense, or at least carry some gadgets that will help keep them safe. This is why I joined Damsel in Defense in the first place, to learn to keep myself and my loved ones safe. At Damsel in Defense, we have some items that would be perfect for elderly self-defense. Check them out in the pictures below and if you want to purchase them, click here!

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Everything You Need To Know About San Antonio River Walk

Hello, everyone! We want to introduce another amazing place to visit in our beloved San Antonio. The San Antonio River Walk is called the American version of the Venice Grand Canal. It is also called Paseo del Rio or simply River Walk. The River Walk is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River lined by bars, shops, restaurants, nature and public art. Situated one story beneath the streets of San Antonio, the River Walk is a big tourist attraction and a must-see when visiting Texas.

riverwalk map



According to its website, it all began in 1536 when Alex Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca visited Texas and describes the River to his people. Then in 1792, when San when the missions in San Antonio were closed down, the growing population of San Antonio made steps to control the flooding in the area. This made commercial development along the river possible. On June 28, 1929, Robert H. Hugman presents his plan for “The Shops of Romula and Aragon” to the city but the Depression prevents further expenditures.

It was in 1936 that Texas Centennial Jack White, manager of the White Plaza Hotel, that teamed up with the Mexican Businessmen’s Association to stage the first river parade called “A Venetian Night”. Then in 1941, the first river carnival and night parade were held. But it wasn’t until 1961 that the rehabilitation of the River Walk level was truly put into action.

The first Paseo del Rio Association Great County River Festival was held in 1969. From then on almost yearly a new establishment opens along the river up to 2011. Now you can see the River Walk wind and loop under bridges as two parallel sidewalks lined with restaurants and shops. The major tourist attractions are the Shops at Rivercenter, the Arneson River Theatre, Marriage Island, La Villita, HemisFair Park, the Tower Life Building, the San Antonio Museum of Art, the Pearl and the city’s five Spanish colonial missions. These San Antonio Missions have been declared a World Heritage Site in 2015.


Things To Do At The River Walk

Today there are a lot of things to see and do at the San Antonio River Walk. There are riverboat tours, attractions, restaurants, bars, and shops. You can also stay at various hotels near the River Walk. According to TripAdvisor, there are a lot of things to do at the River Walk and we collected the top 5 here:

1. Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
2. Boating via the Rio San Antonio Cruises
3. Visit the Briscoe Western Art Museum
4. Check out The Buckhorn Saloon and Texas Ranger Museum
5. Try out the SegCity Tour

Team Peace have been to the San Antonio River Walk and we loooove the sights down there!  It looks gorgeous all year round. There are so many attractions and shops to visit and you can find the list here. We appreciate how the Paseo del Rio Association takes care to decorate for every holiday and how they make the River Walk such a fun and festive place.  All year long many different groups of local people will come to perform at different parts of the river walk, and there are many events to check out.  The River Walk is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting San Antonio.

If you have other questions about the San Antonio River Walk, feel free to use the comment box below, or check out the FAQs from their website. You can also call the Paseo del Rio Association at their office: 210-227-4262.


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4 Ways Loan Pre-Approval Can Improve Your House Hunt

Going out and finding a home is a very exciting thing to do. When you’re ready to find that dream home, you won’t want something as mundane as a not being qualified to purchase the home to get in the way, right? When we refer to pre-approval, we’re talking about getting the bank/credit union to agree to lend you money (up to a specified amount) before purchasing a car or a house says Financial Buzz.

A pre-approval, according to Regions, means a loan application must be completed which is required in order to be pre-qualified. The mortgage lender will review the following information: income, debt, assets, confirmed monies available for down payment and closing costs. A credit report will be run and the borrower may request a pre-approval letter which is subject to additional documentation and property approval. The best part is that this is for free.A bank doesn’t make money on money that isn’t loaned out.  So it is in the banks best interest to maker sure you are a worthy investment.

The bottom line is that a lender will let the buyer know what they can ultimately afford which will save both the Realtor and the buyer their most important commodity, time. So what are the big reasons to get pre-approved before house hunting?

  1. Get the best deal

    – If you meet up with the realtor and you already have a pre-approved loan, their line of questioning usually shifts to “what did the bank offer you?” If they can, the realtor will try to match or even beat the interest rate you’ve already been approved for so they can keep the financing in-house or go with one of their institutions and get a slice of the action.

  2. Streamlined Hunting

    – If you don’t know what you can afford, you may be looking out of your price range and wasting your time. You may also be looking below what you would have qualified for and not getting the right home for you cautions Realtor.com. By getting pre-approves, you can streamline your search by price-sorting and find your dream home faster.

  3. Attract Home-Sellers

    – Having been pre-approved makes you more attractive to home sellers because this lets them know you have the capacity to purchase what they are offering. In fact, many realtors and sellers will refuse to sell to buyers who make an offer on a home without pre-approval warns Cornerstone Mortgage.

  4. Stress-free House Hunting

    – Most likely, if you’re not pre-approved, you’ll spend a longer time looking for houses and talking to realtors and homeowners. Getting your dream house may take more time and effort and your bid may even be turned down! Once you’re pre-approved to be a qualified buyer then you’ll be able to make offers on houses more confidently and without worrying about rejection.

Some important things to remember: If a buyer is not ready to buy due to credit worthiness, a lender will definitely work with a buyer on improving their credit score without having to deal with credit improvement agencies. They can give quick pointers on how to raise one’s credit score by more than 40+ points within a very small amount of time.  You just have to take the time to go out and meet with them. There! Since it’s very easy to file for pre-approval to purchase that house you’ve been eyeing for the past few months, why don’t you start today?

After getting your loan pre-approved, call us, Kacey and Gerald, to help you find the house you’ve always wanted!


Want Better Energy Levels? Here are 5 Ways To Do It.

Hi, everyone! It’s me, Gerald. I want to share with you something very important. It’s about maintaining one’s energy levels. There is this thing called the Three Stages of Life or the Time, Money, Energy Triangle.


energy levels



If we are unhealthy, we lose energy faster.  Most of us respond to rising demands in the workplace by putting in longer hours, which inevitably take a toll on us physically, mentally, and emotionally according to Harvard Business Review. Everyone wants to be productive in their daily lives, but most of us find ourselves overwhelmed or feel overworked. I found the answer to this lies in the correct diet and exercise.

I want to share something with you. Recently, I had foot surgery. My recovery was fairly quick and I believe what helped me recover faster was that I kept working out and working on my diet. I modified my workouts to accommodate my brace. Nowadays I have very productive days where I work and do chores and still have time for my family.

I’m sure everyone wants to have boundless energy and make the most of the time they have with what money they have. The Mayo Clinic confirms that the health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. Check out these 5 tips we found from research all over that can help you meet that:

1. Breathe – There’s a certain technique to properly breathe as per Active.com, and breathing correctly can improve your mental clarity, athletic ability, and energy level.

  1. Stand with your hands hanging down by your side completely relaxed.

  2. Put one of your hands onto your lower abdominal in the area of your belly button.

  3. Breathe into your hand and be sure that your belly expands as you breathe in, allowing your diaphragm room to drop down and pull air into the bottom of your lungs.

  4. Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose or mouth.

2. Eat More PlantsHealth.com shares that certain nutrients, especially iron, may help women feel more energized. This is also applicable to men, by the way, since iron deficiency can cause fatigue and impair physical and mental endurance.

3. Don’t Skip Breakfast – A balanced breakfast with carbs, protein, and fiber is the way to keep up your energy levels. Instead of having just yogurt, add some high antioxidant fruit, a good fat like nuts or seeds, and raw or toasted oats advises Health.com. Going organic is healthier too!

4. Do Cardio – Performing exercises that raise your heart rate up for a moderate amount of time burn an immense amount of calories according to Bodybuilding.com. It makes sense that when you lose weight you will feel more energetic since moving around takes less effort than before.

5. Supplement with VitaminsBodybuilding.com reminds us that your body cannot properly function without adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Health.com advises eating a wide variety of superfuits—apples, stone fruits, berries, tomatoes; this is a great source of natural vitamins to avoid pharmaceutical dependency.

I hope you take these tips and use them to boost your daily energy levels. We all have to make decisions about how to spend our time, energy, and money reminds Inc.com and I think everyone needs to change their mindset before starting a new program of diet and exercise. If you’re feeling a little lost or need a confidence boost, feel free to comment below and Kacey or I can get back to you. Stay fit, stay happy!

Top Sales Agent: Kacey Peace!

Hi everyone, this is Gerald. I want to congratulate my amazing wife, Kacey Peace, for being one of the top 10 sales agents (out of over 150 agents) for Century 21 Northside in San Antonio this month. She bagged the 3rd spot and we are super proud of her.

Century 21 Northside is widely known in the real estate market. They believe that real estate agents need 4 things to make them successful: Training, Marketing, Support and Leads. Every agent is given the necessary help he or she needs to build a thriving business. It is so amazing to know that Kacey is one of the best realtors from Century 21 Northside.

Here are some reviews from Kacey’s satisfied clients:

Megan Haigood Spring Bra  
May 2017

Kacey Peace is a pleasure to work with as she is friendly, easy to talk to, and knowledgeable. She made the selling process easy and sold our property for much more than we had hoped for.

I would recommend Kacey Peace.


Elizabeth Clarady  
April 2017

We enjoyed working with Kacey very much. She was very helpful in helping us find just what we were looking for. She took the time to really get a feel for what we were looking for. She was always very quick to respond to our calls and emails. If she didn’t know the answer to our questions she was always able to find the answer and get back to us quickly. She was very professional and Stayed with us through the whole process. We would definitely use Kacey’s services on the future and would recommend her to others.


Alisha Salisbury Cibolo 
October 2016

Meet Kacey at an event in our community. She went above and beyond helping us with the purchase of our home. Even with all the stress with our lender she was patient and helpful in communicating with the sellers agent, lender and us. Was such a pleasure being able to work with someone who put in so much effort to help our dream of home ownership a reality. Highly recommending her to everyone I know look to buy.