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Ultimate Home Staging Guide for Beginners

Before you begin your home staging project make sure to set aside time and get your family’s agreement and set expectations with what will happen, how it will go, how long it will take and what sort of help you would need from each one of them. Better yet, list the activities and ask them…
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The Right Security System for Your Home

Find the best security for your home. Learn the security essentials to keep your home safe.

Top 10 Honey Do’s for Valentine’s Day

These top 10 honey do’s for Valentine’s day are a great way to make your Valentine’s day more unique and meaningful for you and your partner.

The Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home Without Increasing Square Footage

Increasing your home’s worth doesn’t mean you have to add more living space. It can mean making just a few changes to your home. So if you’re planning to sell your home but would like to increase its value just a little bit higher, then here are the best ways to add value to your…
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New Year Resolution Home Improvement Tips

With just a few days left until we hit 2018, the thought of having a reorganized and refreshed home is very exciting and leaving all the clutter behind can help you have a more positive outlook for the coming year. So let’s take this new opportunity to have new year resolution home improvement tips for 2018.…
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Team Peace

We are Team Peace and this is our introduction post. Read on about our background and how we came up with Team Peace.