8 Worst Foods to Eat

Hi, everyone! As advocates of physical health, we believe that a big part of achieving this is by having and maintaining a healthy diet.  Ideally, this should not just be a way to lose weight but should be a lifestyle as well. In effect, you will have a more positive outlook in life when done together with proper exercise. Previously we talked about the 5 worst ways to lose weight. Now, we will tell you about the 8 worst foods to eat.

  1. Margarine

In the past years, margarine has been advertised as a better choice than butter. However, margarine contains trans fat. This is the worst kind of fat that you can consume because it raises your LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and lowers your HDL (good cholesterol) levels, according to Harvard Health. Luckily, choosing your spread wisely is easier now because the FDA requires complete disclosure of information about these unhealthy fats on nutrition labels.


Healthier alternatives for margarine are olive oil or other spreads made with vegetable oil. These contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that help lower bad cholesterol levels in the body.

  1. Soda

Drinking soda is like drinking liquid sugar because it has so much fructose syrup. It also contains food dyes, preservatives and brominated vegetable oil (BVO). Over time, high amounts of BVO can build up in the body and cause toxic effects, stated by WebMD. BVO is a component in soda that keeps all the ingredients from splitting and keeps plastics flame retardant.


If you are a fan of flavored drinks, a way to quit and give up soda is by having fruit-infused water instead. This adds a sweeter taste to the water if you find it bland, plus it’s packed with vitamins and minerals from the fruits.

  1. Doughnuts

Doughnuts are undeniably yummy, but they “contain the unholy trinity of unhealthy ingredients”, as quoted from Reader’s Digest. This consists of trans fat, sugar, and refined flour, making doughnuts high in fats, calories, and carbs. Deep-fried doughnuts are even worse because they can increase weight-gain rapidly.


Equally delicious but healthier alternatives are whole-grain baked doughnuts or cinnamon toast. Mayoclinic explains that these have more fiber, which helps lower cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease.

  1. Potato chips

Despite being made from a vegetable, potato chips are unhealthy because they are deep-fried. The oil used to cook these contain saturated fats and trans fats. Also, it’s uncommonly known that these chips contain a carcinogen called acrylamide. It is a chemical that is formed when foods are fried or baked at a high temperature. According to Time, potato chips have the highest concentrations of acrylamide compared to other foods.


Better options are dehydrated fruits or vegetables. These will also have the crunch that the chips have, but will not have the unhealthy fats and carcinogenic acrylamide. If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can bake them at the lowest temperature until they are crisp enough to your preference.

  1. Processed Meat

Most processed meats are preserved by smoking, curing and salting. These contain a lot of salt and chemical preservatives to prolong its life and avoid spoilage. Sadly, these are linked to a higher risk of colorectal cancer, based on a BBC report.


A better choice than processed meat is roasted chicken breast because it doesn’t contain the chemicals that the meats have, yet contains the protein that your body needs.

  1. Bagels

The main issue with bagels is the refined flour. This kind of flour is unhealthy because it had gone through many stages of processing that the fiber and nutrients are lost, according to WebMD. In addition, bagels are so dense and compact that its caloric content is equivalent to roughly five slices of white bread.


Instead of eating a bagel, choose a multigrain alternative or whole-grain English muffins. This will offer the right amount of starch you need for one meal. Make it even more delicious with cottage cheese or a nut butter!

  1. Microwavable popcorn

What makes popcorn a bad food choice is the amount of butter and oil used to cook it. What’s even worse is butter-flavored microwave popcorn because the flavor is artificial. It comes from chemicals and a butter-flavoring called diacetyl. A report from CBSNews states that this chemical has respiratory risks and a link to Alzheimer’s disease.


It is better to munch on trail mix instead of popcorn. You can even customize it to your preferred nuts, fruits, and seeds.  My favorite trail mix combination is made of cashews, macadamias, almonds and dried cranberries.

  1. Sugary cereals

Sugary cereals are awful to eat for breakfast. It is unhealthy because it contains a lot of sugar, refined carbs, and empty calories. It can spike up your insulin levels, then after a few hours, your blood sugar will rapidly decrease that you will crave for another sugary meal, stated by Reader’s Digest.


One alternative to sugary cereals is oatmeal. You can soak it overnight in milk with apples, mango, banana, nuts, chia seeds, and honey to have a hearty breakfast.

There are so many unhealthy foods today, that choosing to eat healthy can feel like an extra task. We have gotten used to the convenience of these bad foods because they are easily available. Carefully screening and consciously knowing what unhealthy foods are can help you make the right food choices.  Just remember, that being healthy and fit is a lifestyle. So, if you’d like to make the big change, contact us and send us a message!

5 Worst Ways to Lose Weight

Hi, I’m Kacey and I am a fitness advocate. I am part of Beachbody and we believe that killing your workouts and eating healthy meals are crucial components of healthy, sustainable weight loss. But there are some people who have a hard time reaching their desired weight and resort to unhealthy practices in losing weight. “What practices are those?” you may ask, well let me list the top 5:


1. Skipping Your Meals – Muscle For Life says that many starvation diets have you eating anywhere from 30-50% of the energy you burn daily, and these qualify as severe caloric restrictions. This is bad because most of the weight lost is water weight which is lost and returned very quickly. Skipping meals also cause muscle loss, slow metabolism, bone density loss and other similar diseases. Plus, when we restrict ourselves from eating, we get mood swings and are more prone to depression and anger. No one wants to be “hangry” for sure!


2. Removing an Entire Food Group – This means removing either all carbohydrates or all protein from your diet. This removes valuable nutrients from your diet as well, like folate and iron. The best thing would be to choose what you eat wisely. Choose complex carbohydrates over sugar-filled simple carbs for example. Fat-loss Review Center advises consulting a dietician first to determine the best way to replace the protein and other nutrients contained in meat, if you really want to eliminate meat from your diet.


3. Laxatives – Excessive use of laxatives in the form of pills, powders, suppositories, and teas in order to lose weight is not a new concept shares Dr. Axe. This is one of the popular forms of diet today with hundreds of brands selling weight loss teas, powders, etc. But this is dangerous to our digestive system as this causes weakness in the abdominal lining and other digestive problems.


4.Working Out Too Much – While it is true that you burn more calories when you work out for longer periods of time, this extended workout hours will also cause you to eat more. Then all your hard work exercising will be reversed. Eat This, Not That advises to cut yourself off after an hour or two to ensure you’re able to control your hunger.


5. Fasting Before a Workout – You may think this makes you thinner faster but the opposite happens. When you don’t eat before a workout, your body burns the fats in your body alright. When you burn fat rapidly, your body begins to adjust your metabolism to compensate for that loss says Lifehacker. This then pushes your body into survival mode and burns fewer calories to “save” you. And in your next meal, your cells will store more fat to counter what you lost. This makes your fasting moot.


To lose weight, make it a goal and follow the SMART method, according to Beachbody.
The goal, weight loss, should be sustainable, measurable, attainable, realistic, and have a set time frame. Remember that balanced meals and exercise are the way to go and not the latest diet fads which work only on others and not everyone. Patience, discipline, and hard work are your friends on the road to creating a healthier you.

If you need help or motivation, you can comment below and I will be sure to respond. You can look me up on Facebook and send a message there. Feel free to check my Instagram for workouts to follow as well!

Want Better Energy Levels? Here are 5 Ways To Do It.

Hi, everyone! It’s me, Gerald. I want to share with you something very important. It’s about maintaining one’s energy levels. There is this thing called the Three Stages of Life or the Time, Money, Energy Triangle.


energy levels



If we are unhealthy, we lose energy faster.  Most of us respond to rising demands in the workplace by putting in longer hours, which inevitably take a toll on us physically, mentally, and emotionally according to Harvard Business Review. Everyone wants to be productive in their daily lives, but most of us find ourselves overwhelmed or feel overworked. I found the answer to this lies in the correct diet and exercise.

I want to share something with you. Recently, I had foot surgery. My recovery was fairly quick and I believe what helped me recover faster was that I kept working out and working on my diet. I modified my workouts to accommodate my brace. Nowadays I have very productive days where I work and do chores and still have time for my family.

I’m sure everyone wants to have boundless energy and make the most of the time they have with what money they have. The Mayo Clinic confirms that the health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. Check out these 5 tips we found from research all over that can help you meet that:

1. Breathe – There’s a certain technique to properly breathe as per Active.com, and breathing correctly can improve your mental clarity, athletic ability, and energy level.

  1. Stand with your hands hanging down by your side completely relaxed.

  2. Put one of your hands onto your lower abdominal in the area of your belly button.

  3. Breathe into your hand and be sure that your belly expands as you breathe in, allowing your diaphragm room to drop down and pull air into the bottom of your lungs.

  4. Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose or mouth.

2. Eat More PlantsHealth.com shares that certain nutrients, especially iron, may help women feel more energized. This is also applicable to men, by the way, since iron deficiency can cause fatigue and impair physical and mental endurance.

3. Don’t Skip Breakfast – A balanced breakfast with carbs, protein, and fiber is the way to keep up your energy levels. Instead of having just yogurt, add some high antioxidant fruit, a good fat like nuts or seeds, and raw or toasted oats advises Health.com. Going organic is healthier too!

4. Do Cardio – Performing exercises that raise your heart rate up for a moderate amount of time burn an immense amount of calories according to Bodybuilding.com. It makes sense that when you lose weight you will feel more energetic since moving around takes less effort than before.

5. Supplement with VitaminsBodybuilding.com reminds us that your body cannot properly function without adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Health.com advises eating a wide variety of superfuits—apples, stone fruits, berries, tomatoes; this is a great source of natural vitamins to avoid pharmaceutical dependency.

I hope you take these tips and use them to boost your daily energy levels. We all have to make decisions about how to spend our time, energy, and money reminds Inc.com and I think everyone needs to change their mindset before starting a new program of diet and exercise. If you’re feeling a little lost or need a confidence boost, feel free to comment below and Kacey or I can get back to you. Stay fit, stay happy!

Empower Hour was a Success!

Team Peace hosted an event last May 10, 2017, called Empower Hour and we want to thank everyone who came and made it a rousing success! We covered a lot of topics regarding Damsel in Defense and it was great seeing so many people interested in self-defense. Here are some of the items we talked about during Empower Hour:


stun gunGet A Grip Stun Gun – Features an ergonomic grip, charging indicator light, slide-out charger, LED flashlight and comes in 5 great colors! Goes for only $65.00 and you can purchase it here.


Sock It To Me Kubotan – An amazing keychain striking tool that can increase the power of a defensive strike! Comes in 6 great colors and only for $10.00. You can purchase it here.

pepper spray

Hardcore Pepper Spray – This pepper spray is so handy and hands-free at the same time. Comes in 7 great colors and has a keychain attachment for easy reach. Such a steal at $10.00 and you can get yours here.

Holla Hers Personal Alarm – This nifty personal alarming device gives a high pitched alarm sound for help when activated. It also has a LED flashlight and keychain ring so it can attach anywhere. Get it for only $15.00 here for women and here for men.

sit aw

September 26 is Situational Awareness Day! Situational awareness is keeping your head up in public and looking around you for threats that are overt and covert. A great tip is to make eye contact with others and avoid looking at your phone especially when traveling alone. Always be prepared!


There are tons of other amazing personal protection equipment you can purchase and you can see them here. We want to encourage people to always think about their personal safety and also of the friends and family they want to be protected at all times. Stay tuned to our blog for announcements of future events like Empower Hour where we can share how to best arm oneself and be confident and safe while going about your everyday duties.

Physical and Mental Fitness

Hi, everyone! My name is Kacey Peace. I want to talk to you today about how you should invest in physical and mental fitness. You might ask why I’m so interested in this topic. For starters, I am a realtor for Century 21 by trade and I am known as The Fit Realtor. This is such a fitting nickname for me since I love everything about fitness. I’m currently interested in the new Beachbody workout called Hard Corps 22. I am also part of Damsel in Defense as a Damsel Recruit. Let me talk about Damsel in Defense for a bit.


Damsel in Defense was founded by Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes in 2011. It is the first of its kind, a direct sales company that sells self-defense products. Its mission is to equip, empower, and educate women so they won’t have to be a statistic. What statistics are they talking about? A violent crime happens every 26 seconds, 1 in 3 women will experience domestic violence, 1 in 5 women are survivors of sexual assault and a child is abducted every 40 seconds. These are statistics from reputable sources such as nomore.org; fbi.gov; and nsvrc.org. Women and men alike need to be aware that there are tools that can help them protect themselves and that’s where Damsel in Defense comes in. You can also be part of the team, like me! You can work part time or full time and get an income by raising awareness: providing healing to the hurt, an opportunity to the oppressed and hope to the helpless.

A big part of Damsel in Defense is self-defence. And to learn self-defense, one must be fit in both mind and body.  Practicing mental exercises before a physical workout is a key to getting the most out of any fitness regimen. You have to be mentally prepared for whatever physical activity you are about to do in order for you to do it well. Fitday reports that “Mental toughness is a common trait of competitive athletes; it is often a large piece of what sets them apart from the competition.” And not just athletes can benefit from mental fitness, you can too! Most people do not know that as we age, we need to keep our minds fit and healthy. One way to do so is to incorporate mental dexterity exercises in our lives. Healthline advises “Including mental dexterity exercises into your daily routine can help you reap the benefits of a sharper mind and a healthier body for years to come.” I agree with Healthline because I found that the more I helped my body become fit, the more my mind became fit as well.

Want to start your path to physical and mental fitness? We have an event called Women’s Safety Awareness on the 20th of April at The Lion and Rose Pub (842 NW Loop 410 Suite 115, San Antonio, TX 78216). It will run from 5 to 7 PM and you can register here. Free drinks and appetizers for registered attendees! See you there!


***UPDATE: It’s the opening week of Fiesta in San Antonio with a huge Realtor event tailing on the back of it so we are going to reschedule at a later date.  Registration is still open, just click the link here.