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Kacey Peace is a
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  Kacey Peace is a mother to two wonderful daughters and wife to a great husband. For a number of years, before real estate, she participated in the time honored tradition of being a stay-at-home mother. Kacey has travelled the world with her husband and lived in many different places thanks to a military lifestyle that her husband chose. This gives her unique insight into assisting families that move often due to job requirements. She has certainly “been there and done that.” She is no stranger to deployments and hardships that can temporarily (and sometimes permanently) separate families.

  During her time overseas and during her husband’s deployments, she has learned many vital lessons such as consistency, tenacity, adaptability and communication. She has taken these same values and applies them to her business as a Real Estate agent. This is why she has been so successful. Kacey has received many awards from having record level production value numbers to outstanding customer service relationships. Regardless of the awards, Kacey does not lose sight of what is important: the client.

  She has coined the term “Peace of Mind” for her business, because she absolutely believes it. The single most important thing a real estate agent can do, is to provide a sound, stress-free and well-informed experience to the client. You, the customer, deserve Peace of Mind. Do not settle for less.


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