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7 Ways To Improve Your Kid’s Self Defense Skills

7 Ways To Improve Your Kid’s Self Defense Skills

Hi, everyone! We’re Team Peace and we want to talk to you about something important. It is important to protect our children from street crimes such as assaults, muggings and any sort of violence directed at kids. We have children of our own and we work at teaching them to be street smart and have equipped them with basic self-defense skills. Today this is more important as crime rates soar everywhere. Let us discuss 7 ways to do this:

1. Don’t go with any stranger – This should be a rule. No matter what the stranger says, or even if the stranger has a puppy or ice cream, remind your kids that they are not to decide IF they should go with the stranger. The rule is to NEVER go with a stranger.

2. Have a Family Code Word – This is in the case of emergencies and someone else needs to get the kids from school or practice. There is one safeword that the kids should ask to prove that you sent this person to get them. ONLY then are they allowed to go with whoever that is.

3. Stay away from adults asking for help – This is because adults would not ask children for help, this is most likely a ploy to abduct the child. No matter if the person asking for help is on crutches or old or has a cute kitten. Train your kids to get another adult to help the person asking for help, and not help directly.

4. Stay out of reach of vehicles – This is to avoid being abducted or snatched into a vehicle. Staying two to three steps away from a vehicle is enough if one slows down to ask for directions. And remind them to NEVER get into a car with a stranger no matter what the weather is, especially if the person does not have the Family Code Word.

5. Avoid labels – This means no labels on clothes, bags, lunch boxes, thermos, etc. If your kid has their name in plain sight then a predator might use this knowledge to gain their trust. Keep labels inside bags or on the inner tags of clothing instead.

6. Have a plan – This is for when you get separated at events, or the mall or anywhere. Tell your child to find a policeman, security guard, a mother with kids and say they are lost. Make sure they know their full name, address, YOUR full name and phone number.

7. Practice scenarios – This is to instill all the rules in them until they become reflexes. Role playing different dangerous scenarios will also heighten their instinct so that they will have a better chance if the scenario happens in real life.


NBC News tells us here are precautions you can take as a parent and caregiver and information and skills you can teach your child to prevent an abduction. We need to raise street smart kids in these dark times. The time you spend teaching your kids street smarts will increase their chances of staying safe should they ever be in a dangerous situation reminds The Spruce. We hope the tips we shared above can help arm your child against threats in society. Do you have any other tips? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!


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