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6 Christmas Decoration Ideas with a Texas Twist

6 Christmas Decoration Ideas with a Texas Twist

With only just a few days left, Christmas is just around the corner. For sure, you’re all ready with your lights and decorations at home. But we headed over to Pinterest and searched for more ideas to add some extra Texas touch.

Christmas Boot

Don’t have some socks? Don’t worry! Get inspired and use your boots with Christmas-themed designs.

Instead of using traditional Christmas stockings or socks, you can use old boots and paint them in yuletide colors – red, green, gold, and white! You can hang them by your fireplace, door, or wall for Santa to easily see and put in some treats.

This decoration by Robin Workman adds a wonderful rustic feel to your home with the wood color and texture. You can view it here.

boot stockings

Texas inspired home decoration with stars, boots, candlesticks, and a rope by Robin Workman

Christmas Cookies

Speaking of treats, here are some very cute Christmas cookies by SweetSugarbelle which you can make for Santa and the kids. These aren’t considered decorations but they are very cute which is why we included them!

You can use a traditional gingerbread recipe or just a sugar cookie recipe which kids love. Check out the cute snowmen with their bandana and cowboy hat, and the cactus with Christmas lights!


Cowboy snowmen Christmas cookies by SweetSugarbelle

Christmas Cactus

Of course, Christmas isn’t complete without a tree. But to give a more Texas feel, try out this Christmas Cactus instead of a tree as suggested in Holidays Blog For You. They say that you can find this on Amazon, however, we tried searching and couldn’t find it. So if you’d like to have this unique “tree” this year, you can just try to create one yourself. We bet this will go nicely with the boots. Also, decorate it with Christmas balls and ornaments that will match your Texas theme.

christmas cactus tree

Christmas Cactus “Tree” as suggested by Holidays Blog For You

Texas Ornaments

Add some Texas touch to your Christmas tree with these Lone Star inspired ornaments. You can look for balls that have the Texas map and complement it with other ornaments that match your color-theme. The photo below shows blue, red, and white colors that match the Texas flag. These decorations will add life to your Christmas tree for better ambiance and a warmer holiday feel.



Texas Wreath

Another type of decor that should always be present during Christmas is a wreath. This one is by Gaslight Flora Design. They made it stand out is by simply putting a cowboy hat, a rope around it, and a plaid ribbon. These will add more volume, color, and life to your Christmas wreath while giving a very Texas touch to it. This is great to hang outside your main door!


Texas Christmas wreath by Gaslight Flora Design


Texas Christmas Banner

Lastly, a “Merry Christmas Y’all” banner will complete your home decor. This wall sign is from Zulily and you can purchase it once they have new stocks. This banner is made of wood, perfect to match other wooden Texas decors in your home.

 wall decor.jpg

With the days left before Christmas, try to include these very unique Texas-inspired decors to make your home look and feel extra special during the holidays.


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