Newest Home Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

2018 is drawing closer and there’s no better way than to start the year fresh with some new home decor. 2017 has been a year full of 80’s throwbacks, so now the trend is reconnecting with old designs and applying them to the modern day home. We looked into the forecasted 2018 home design trends and we found very eye-catching details.

Home Design Trends in 2018



Metallic home pieces, especially brass and silver, are making a comeback. It’s said to be another trend that will continue to ramp up until the next year. These items do not have to be dominant in a room but can be used as accents or sparkle. Another ideal use would be a metallic table to accompany wooden tables or traditional upholstered sofa. Using metal items will add shine to your rooms and can break the dullness.

Art Walls


People nowadays are appreciating art more, so having art-decorated walls are an upcoming trend as well. Art pieces are excellent to be displayed on plain-colored walls, especially white so that they would stand out.

Geometric Designs

geometric pillow

Another style that’s slowly gaining popularity is geometric patterns. With the chaos of everyday work and life, geometric patterns give a sense of organization and form. Although do not overdo this style as it can overwhelm your house or your room. Incorporate it in your home as an accent on pillowcases or as a wallpaper on one wall. This is best used to give life to plain colored furniture like black and white.


Jewel Tones


Jewel tones or intense colors are also gaining more appreciation and will continue in the next year. These colors include fuschia, green, blue, and purple. But just like geometric patterns, these are not to be overly used for decorating your home. These colors are great for adding life or accents to simple pieces of furniture.

Black and White


The black and white or monochrome theme is growing more popular in the next years and is a great variation of a minimalist home. Nowadays, people desire more space and organization in the home, therefore eliminating too many colors. Some people prefer this color tone for simplicity.



As our lives become more dependent on technology, people grow a longing to connect with nature and greenery. Aside from being Pantone color of the year in 2017, people yearn for more greens with natural and organic materials nowadays. And in connection with increasing concern for the environment, people try to build a connection with the earth. It is a symbol of new beginnings, according to Pantone, and having some green accents at home can refresh, restore, and revitalize the mind and the body.



In connection with a desire for more greenery, people are also appreciating wood even more. With the growth of rustic themes in the past years, wood is gaining more attention and is a growing popular choice. Earth tones and dark wood are making a comeback and will gain momentum in 2018, which will replace the previous light wood choice. The darker color gives a more natural yet powerful feel.

These are just some of the many trends to expect in 2018 but we hope we were able to give you some ideas on how to revamp your home. Combining some of these styles can result in wonderful and very modern ideas that can give your home a more updated look.

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