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Month: October 2017

Home Security Tips Against Thieves this Halloween

It’s almost Halloween and before we participate in any trick-or-treat activities, it is important to secure your house. Many kids and adults will be knocking on your door soon for candies and treats, but remember to keep your house safe with our home security tips against thieves this Halloween. 5 Home Security Tips Against Thieves…
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Is Your Candy Safe? – Trick or Treat Guidelines

Halloween is fast approaching and naturally, our kids get excited with the thought of trick-or-treating because of all the goodies they can get. Of course, as parents, we want them to enjoy while making sure that what they get as treats are safe. So we did some research and came up with some trick-or-treat candy safety…
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Top Realtor Tips From the Pro: Congratulations Kacey Peace!

Hi everyone! This is Gerald. Last May, I proudly posted about my amazing wife, Kacey, for being a top seller. This month, I want to congratulate her again for making it to the top 100 realtors in Century 21 within the Southern Texas and Southern Louisiana region (out of approximately 2500).  To add to that,…
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Ketogenic Diet 101: Benefits and How to Start

Hi everyone! Gerald and Kacey here. We’ve recently started the Ketogenic Diet and we’d like to share with you what we know and how it benefits our body. There are also certain suggested foods to eat. Read along and find out so you can start the diet too! What is the Ketogenic Diet? According to…
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Top 10 Foods That Will Help You Sleep Better

We have been experiencing difficulty in sleeping lately because of our very busy schedule and because we are constantly on-the-go. So, we wanted to naturally solve our problem and we came up with a list of the top 10 foods that will help you sleep better. These foods contain natural substances that help induce sleep.…
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