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Month: July 2017

8 Worst Foods to Eat

Hi, everyone! As advocates of physical health, we believe that a big part of achieving this is by having and maintaining a healthy diet.  Ideally, this should not just be a way to lose weight but should be a lifestyle as well. In effect, you will have a more positive outlook in life when done…
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San Antonio: A Place to Begin a New Life

With all the economical, political and social issues, have you ever thought of moving to a new place to begin a new life? Well, it might be a  bit stressful because of all the change, moving furniture, new jobs, neighborhood and others things yet, it might still be a good idea for some who seek…
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Things You Need to Understand About Self-Defense

Self-Defense is something that you need every day. According to Findlaw self-defense means the right to prevent suffering force or violence with enough level of counteracting force or violence. But it doesn’t mean you can just hit people just because they’re not treating you right. Self-defense is different from hitting without a proper approach. It may…
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7 Ways To Improve Your Kid’s Self Defense Skills

Our children our our most precious treasures in this world that’s why we need to make sure they are equipped to handle the outside world. Read on to find out how!