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10 Elderly Self-defense Tips You Need To Learn Now.

10 Elderly Self-defense Tips You Need To Learn Now.

Hi everyone, my name is Kacey! I want to discuss something important with you all. Elderly self-defense is not a new concept but an old one that needs to be reinforced especially in this day and age. Seniors advise that the concept of self-defense for seniors deals more with not showing fear than with ways to body-slam someone to the pavement. Elderly people need to have the strength to protect themselves and that comes from an awareness of surroundings, a fearless presence, and an understanding of their capabilities. How do we help the elderly achieve all this?

My Silver Age confirms that crime is a real concern in the world today, and seniors are often targets. Bad elements in society often think that elderly people are weak, and this perception rubs off on most of our old folks. You can strengthen yourself and be more prepared by taking note of some valuable tips regarding elderly self-defense:

  1. Stay in groups – Robbers and snatchers tend to attack people, young and old, who are alone. It is always better to buddy-up or go out in groups, especially when going out at nighttime.
  2. Avoid places where “bad people” hang out – We all know there are areas in the city where there are dangerous people and the crime rate is high. Steer clear from these areas and this lessens the chance that these bad people will target you.
  3. Stay in well-lighted places – Thieves and all sorts of bad people love the dark places where they can ambush people. You can save yourself the trouble by staying in well-lit areas where you can avoid giving them an advantage.
  4. Keep valuables hidden – Most snatchers and robbers target those with obvious valuables in sight, like designer watches or gold jewelry. When walking out and about it is better to keep them in your bag or pocket until you reach your destination.
  5. Dodge attacks – This is extremely important: do not fight back if possible. Unless an attacker has already engaged you in a fight, it is better to run and call for help if a physical attack is not imminent.
  6. Stay in shape – This may seem trivial but being fit gives you a better fighting chance. When you are in shape, you can move faster even when you’re older.
  7. Anything can be a weapon – Think! Your keys, an umbrella, a walking stick and even a shopping bag can be used to ward off attackers.
  8. Target weak spots – If confronted by an attacker and armed with a weapon, always go for the weak spots: the eyes, the nose, or the groin.
  9. Take a self-defense class – Your local YMCA or Police Station may be offering classes in your area and a structured class held by professionals may be advantageous especially if you’re a visual or kinesthetic learner.
  10. Constant vigilance – This is very important because being aware of your surroundings can be a life and death matter. This will lead you to know when to run and fight and is crucial in surviving an attack.

As a senior citizen, you need to be prepared with self-defense strategies, tactics and techniques before an attack happens and they need to be practiced often shares Legally Concealed. People young or old need to learn about self-defense, or at least carry some gadgets that will help keep them safe. This is why I joined Damsel in Defense in the first place, to learn to keep myself and my loved ones safe. At Damsel in Defense, we have some items that would be perfect for elderly self-defense. Check them out in the pictures below and if you want to purchase them, click here!

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